We Get Customers

Unless it ends in a customer – does any of it matter?

Cartology offers one thing – a sole focus on customers. With more than 2.5 million 1:1 relationships, Cartology knows customers in a way that no-one else can.

True knowledge comes from a deep care and understanding. An understanding of needs and wants. When you know someone well, you know what motivates, influences and leads them to take action.

Because they are our customers, we can reach them directly in the moments that matter most. We also know how they transacted - closing the loop between campaign activity and customer sales. At Cartology, we want to make our Customers, your customers too - driving sales every day and customers over time.


Customers pointing at a laptop screen
Real customer expertise

With inarguable first party data and a deep understanding of customer attitudes and behaviour – we understand customers like no one else can.

Team member with a customer
Direct customer relationships

With over 2.9m transactions each week, 2.5m 1:1 relationships and a real connection to our customers – Cartology gives you impact at every single step of the customer journey. As one of the most trusted brands in New Zealand customers look to us for information and inspiration.

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Genuine accountability

Unless it ends in a customer – does any of it matter? Our transaction level reporting means we can show how activity drives sales overnight and customers overtime.

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Digital and eCom partnerships

Cartologys digital offers provide brands greater access and opportunity to engage and impact millions of customers whether they are browsing, searching or seeking inspiration online.

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