Cartology directly connects your brand to our customers, at the moments that matter most.

Our multi-channel media solutions enable brands to reach customers at every step along the path to purchase, providing unique opportunities to influence their purchase decision.

We have recently launched two high impact media solutions that will enable you to connect with millions of relevant customers at pivotal points on the customer journey.


Watch a video on our media solutions below


Cartology Promoted Products

Drive awareness and consideration of your brand on Countdown’s online shopping website which has on average 1.9 million users, 4.5 million sessions and 73.6 million page views each month. Cartology Promoted Products is our advanced marketing platform that places products on the first page of search results for keywords related to your product. 

With over 92% of the top 200 site searches being performed using generic terms and 90% of customers only viewing the first page of the search results, Cartology Promoted Products will help generate brand awareness and consideration via improved visibility in the online shopping environment.

Cartology Promoted Products is a performance based advertising solution with real time bidding and dashboard  reporting that has delivered an average return on ad spend of over 400% and an online conversion rate of over 50%*.

*Source: Adobe Analytics & Woolworths first party data calculated over the period 26 Jun to 26 Sep 19.

Countdown Screen Network

New Zealand’s most impactful digital screen network for building brands  and driving awareness with grocery buyers as they are prominently placed at the entry to Countdown stores.

These impressive high definition 65” digital screens provide rich, dynamic  content ensuring delivery of engaging  brand and promotional  messages to customers as they commence their shop.

Why be located in close proximity when you can be right at the moment that matters most. When customers cross the threshold into store,  they switch to shopping mode. Maximise awareness and consideration of your brand at the most influential  point on the path to purchase.

Customer Communication Pillars

Connect with the large scale audience of main grocery buyers to drive significant levels of awareness, reach and frequency. The message you communicate to customers is just as important as the touchpoints you use. Our customer communication pillars are used across all media channels.

They provide customers with relevant and recognisable messaging throughout their shopping experience and enable suppliers to deliver clear and consistent messaging across multi-channel campaigns.

Introduce and highlight NPD

The launch is a key stage in the product lifecycle. It is important to make customers aware of the product, provide them reasons to purchase and stand out from the competition. The Countdown pink is a key differentiator, with shoppers associating it with new products.

Try me roundel

Inform, inspire and educate

The ‘Try Me’ pillar is used to inspire and educate customers at key activation moments. It is an opportunity to remind customers of product benefits, unique selling points and provide new ideas and suggestions on product use.

Win roundel

Drive trial and excite with offers

Reach our most valuable customers through exclusive promotions that engage with the shopper, motivating them to shop the range of your products, build brand love and switch from competitors.


Category Events roundel

Participate in category-led initiatives

Promote your brand across events in specific categories, through promotions, giveaways and stand- alone mailers. These events are key growth drivers, helping to draw in new or lapsed customers, whilst driving incremental sales for participating products.

Seasonal Events roundel

Communicate at key times throughout the year

Seasonal events and themed activations are an integral part of our customers lives, providing them with additional reasons to purchase. They present opportunities for your brand to leverage our campaigns, putting your product front of mind at relevant times throughout the year.

Working together for your brand success.

In order to drive the best results for our clients we develop data-led media solutions that meet your objectives and drive results. We achieve this by understanding your needs and delivering your marketing campaigns through 6 core objectives:



new products



more customers



current customers



with customers



our brands






Through this collaborative approach we better understand a brand’s needs and can develop tailored media strategies based on the continuous learning of results and insights delivered by our extensive network of resources and campaign history.

For a full overview of our channels contact your Client Partnership Manager.

Cartology media kit

Cartology gives you access to some of New Zealand’s most valuable and unique media assets. We position your brand where it needs to be on the customer’s path to purchase, including the critical final step of the shopping journey.

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