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About Cartology

Cartology is a leading New Zealand retail media business, providing data-led advertising solutions to connect brands with Woolworths customers end to end on their shopping journey.

Through deep customer insights and unrivalled proximity, we create better experiences for customers and greater impact for partners.


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About us

Why Cartology

We make our customers, your customers too.

With 96% of households shopping across the Woolworths physical and digital ecosystems, Cartology connects brands to customers in a way that no-one else can. By leveraging our suite of on and off-network retail media assets, together with our powerful data and reach at scale, Cartology can position brands where they need to be on the customer's shopping journey.

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Why Cartology?

Deep customer insight

Fuelling our elevated customer understanding, targeting and reporting.

Richer context

Connecting brands to customers in contextually rich environments across the customer journey.

Greater impact

With over 3.2 million weekly transactions and 1.8 million 1:1 relationships, Cartology delivers real results for our partners


We Get Customers

We get them because customers are at the heart of everything Cartology does. We know when and how they shop, we know where to meet them along their path to purchase and why they shop the way they do. Because they are our customers, we can reach them directly in the moments that matter most.

Cartology can make our customers your customers too, driving sales overnight and customers over time.


Level 8, 4 Williamson Avenue

Ponsonby, Auckland 1021


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