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What is retail media?

"Retail media is an evolving advertising platform that reaches customers with trusted, relevant messaging across the customer journey, underpinned by first party customer insight."

Defining retail media

What is retail media and why is it unique?

Retail media is well positioned for exponential growth, fuelled by the customer. With retail media, brands can reach and engage the right customers from awareness to consideration with relevant messaging to drive real brand results.


What makes retail media unique?

"There's a crush of people that want to be involved. At a category level, I’m all for people promoting the virtues of retail media. But if you want to do the job you think you can do for brands, retail media is about three things: retail context ... first party customer access ... and really deeply invested client partnerships ... even beyond advertising. — Mike Tyquin, MD, Cartology
Customer franchise
Longstanding unique relationships with customers and brands
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First party access
Powerful first party insights enabling more precise targeting and closed loop reporting
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End to end context
Unmatched context end to end across the shopping journey
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Retail media is growing at a rapid pace. As leaders in retail media, Cartology is on a mission to help drive an understanding of what retail media is, where it is headed, and the opportunities it offers brands. With years of learnings, This is Retail Media delivers the insight and proof points from client success, to help brands enter the world of retail media with confidence.

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