Retail Media Solutions

Retail media supports both upper funnel brand building as well as lower funnel performance outcomes. With Cartology, we can help you find the right solution, through the funnel. Cartology gives you access to some of New Zealand's most valuable and unique customer-led media solutions in-store, online and off-network, enabling brands to reach customers wherever they choose to shop.


Woolworths stores New Zealand wide

+ 3.2 M

weekly visits

+ 4 M

weekly searches on

+ 1.9 M

active Everyday Rewards members

Unrivalled customer-led media solutions

Cartology's market-leading suite of end to end retail media solutions are built on rich insight to meet brand objectives and reach customers in a way that no-one else can.

Woolworths Supermarkets

Leverage some of New Zealand's most valuable and unique media assets across Woolworths supermarkets, with over 3.2 million weekly transactions online and in-store, connect with customers where they choose to shop. With end to end solutrions, we put your brand where it needs to be on the customers path to purchase, including the critical final step of the shopping journey.

End to end solutions to solve brand objectives

With rich customer insights and scalable online and in-store solutions, Cartology's retail media offering can unlock customer opportunities for brands in a way that no-one else can.


Out of store

Reach customers where they consume media, With targeted advertising via multiple trusted display networks giving the opportunity to reach specific customer segments through targeted programmatic ad buying. Connect with the Woolworths New Zealand social community with Facebook and Instagram to captivate, educate and inspire and drive awareness, trial and repeat purchase behaviour with personalised 1:1 communications powered by New Zealand’s largest customer personalisation engine.

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Front of store

80% of customers have less than half of their basket planned as they enter the store. Drive awareness and consideration of your brand at scale, through the first point of contact with customers as they commence their active shop.

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47% of shoppers are actively looking for inspiration for what to cook and buy. Engage shoppers with product and occasion ideas as they browse the aisles, or achieve maximum visibility for your product as customers make their ultimate decision at the shelf.

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Online is the front door to the grocery experience, with over 6 million monthly visits, the highest across supermarket retail. Make sure your product is visible and discoverable by customers as they plan their in-store shop, find inspiration for their next meal, or actively shop for their groceries online. If you want your brand to be known, considered and purchased, Cartology's suite of digital solutions can connect you to the online and omnichannel customer at scale