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Cartology is three!

31 January 2024

It is with great joy and a sense of accomplishment that we proudly celebrate the third anniversary of Cartology.

Today, we stand together at a milestone that signifies not just the passage of time but the shared successes and achievements of our collaborative journey. As we take a moment to reflect on the incredible strides we've made, we are immensely grateful for the pivotal role our partners have played in making Cartology the success story it is today. This celebration is as much yours as it is ours. Thank you for being an integral part of Cartology's success story. Here's to three years of innovation, collaboration, and countless more milestones in the years to come!

Three years ago, we embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of Retail Media through Cartology's innovative solutions.

Today, as we reflect on the incredible progress and achievements, we are reminded of the invaluable role our clients and partners play in our success. Your trust, collaboration, and feedback have been instrumental in shaping Cartology into the industry leader it is today. Together, we have navigated challenges, embraced opportunities, and witnessed the growth of a vision into a reality.

Cartology has become more than just a media agency; it's a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. As we celebrate this milestone, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your partnership. Your insights have fueled our drive for excellence, and your loyalty has been the bedrock of our success. We are committed to continuing our journey together, exploring new horizons, and pushing the boundaries of what Cartology can achieve.

In the spirit of celebration, we reflect on some of our key milestones and successes. We invite you now to join us in commemorating this special occasion as we look back at the milestones and look forward to the promising future that lies ahead.

Exceptional growth and campaign success

The last 12 months have seen massive development in strategically crafted media packages enabling brands of all sizes to engage in impactful, customer-centric trading moments throughout the omnichannel shopping journey and during key calendar moments. Cartology’s sub-category events not only reinforce real customer impact but deliver outstanding results for participating brands.

We have seen huge success with events such as Fakeaways, Dessert Your Way, The Power of Protein among many events delivered in the past year.

Cartology and Woolworths events are commercial opportunities throughout the year, that reflect consumer trends, spikes in footfall, online traffic and sales. Over the past three years we have introduced new and exciting events, providing brands the opportunity to drive higher returns from their media investment.

Celebrating excellence in retail media and campaign success, we proudly awarded our inaugural Campaign of the Year to McCain in 2021. More recently, Tegel secured the Campaign of the Year 2023 accolade for their Tegel Free Range campaign, standing out among an exceptional pool of finalists.

The Campaign of the Year highlights the exceptional growth and collaborative successes achievable through retail media, recognising brands that establish a new benchmark for excellence in the evolving retail media landscape. Stay tuned for updates on Campaign of the Year 2024.

Strengthening Partnerships

At Cartology we are pioneering the future of retail media where we can create, shape and lead in this industry that connects brands to customers in new and exciting ways. As a team we are smart, hardworking and passionate and together as part of the Woolworths group we create opportunity and realise success, ensuring we are raising the bar for the benefit of our team and our clients.

Since our launch in February 2021 with a team of 21 members, we have experienced substantial growth, reaching nearly 50 team members today. This expansion ensures that we maintain a tier-1 experience for our clients. We pride ourselves on having the best Retail Media talent in New Zealand as we continue to strengthen our partnerships and shape the future of retail media.

Feedback also remains crucial in our growth and the growth of the retail media industry. We are about to go into our fifth wave of our Cartology Client Voice survey to give our clients the opportunity to share feedback on how we do business together. These confidential surveys help us develop our offering and we have implemented a number of changes and improvements that have helped us drive our business forward together and provide better outcomes for clients brands and Woolworths New Zealand customers.

Product innovation and evolution

Over the past three years, our product offering has undergone a significant transformation to evolve into media solutions for brands through innovative new solutions. Most recently we have seen great success with Online Sampling, keep an eye out for some fantastic case studies coming soon.

In the last 12 months, there has been the development of a comprehensive, market-leading in-store media offering aimed at enhancing the customer experience. New impactful point-of-sale solutions, specifically tailored for the freezer and chiller aisles, have initiated category-specific media opportunities. These include assets such as freezer crown ends and a variety of floor media, including the introduction of navigation beacons that collaborate with other in-aisle media like aisle fins, wobblers, or window decals to bridge the media gap within the aisle.

And we can’t forget the incredible Cadbury Snack Stop activation. This significant in-store activation featured a brand-owned execution in the aisle, incorporating combined POS assets across multiple bays to create a takeover moment for portfolio products.

With so much more on the horizon for 2024...

Where Data Meets Insights

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. With the rise of digital advertising, companies are increasingly turning to advanced tools and methodologies to understand consumer behaviour, optimise campaigns, and enhance their overall marketing strategies.

Cartology has consistently been providing clients with cutting-edge research and insights by leveraging our vast 1st Party data. We've also made improvements in end-of-campaign reporting.

We have run a number of research projects to better understand shopper behaviour and provide clients with insights at the planning stage of campaigns to help make more informed investment decisions. Studies such as how shoppers engage with our media touchpoints, how they shop online vs in-store, Your brand in the basket and more recently, the Digital Connected Customer Journey, are just a few examples of how we have tapped into the rich data we have access to that have helped our clients achieve some very impressive campaigns results.

Speaking of ROI, we have also made changes to our reporting to ensure it is as robust as possible and provides clients with a clear and transparent view of campaign effectiveness. This is one area we are currently making vast improvements in to ensure consistency and that we are providing clients with measurements they need and understand.

There is more to come on that in the next few months.