Getting started with retail media

Thought Leadership
11 December 2022

Three simple tips when it comes to planning your retail media campaign.

Analysis from Woolworths data and a recent study of over 2,300 Cartology media campaigns provides a few simple pointers for brands looking to get started with retail media:

1. The power of three - the sweet spot for campaign success:

Cartology’s most impactful campaigns of the last 12 months were multi-channel, featuring an average of three retail media touchpoints.  Activating across three or more retail media touchpoints gives campaigns a stronger chance for success.

2. Omnichannel wins:

One in three omnichannel customers plan their grocery shop two to three days in advance, and 70 percent of Cartology’s most impactful retail media campaigns of the last 12 months used a combination of in-store and online touchpoints. Brands have the opportunity to show up wherever and whenever customers choose to shop.

3. Digital is the access point to Woolworths:

Customers are exerting significant online behaviour, fuelling digital traffic, while in-store still plays a significant role throughout their journey. Wherever customers transact, be it online or in-store, digital’s influence extends well beyond the realms of eCommerce transactions.

So what does that mean for brands?

Retail media digital activation has the dual benefit of shaping customer behaviour no matter where they shop. Digital really is the front door. There is no shortage of success stories, from brands investing in the long and the short term, with new news to share or reinforcing established messages. From health advocates to pet lovers, retail media is here to connect your brands with engaged customers.

Helping you to get the most out of retail media

Together with clients and partners, Cartology are helping to build a greater understanding of retail media while learning and evolving every day. They can work hand in hand with brands to achieve customer growth outcomes offering advanced targeting, measuring real customer impact and accountability of media spend, providing a trusted, brand safe environment, and an omnichannel ecosystem that reaches customers where and when they plan, compare and transact on the customer journey.

Original article posted on Supermarket News 12/12/22